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Basic and Essentials

How Are Shoppers Rated?

Most shopping companies will give you a grade according to compliance with each shop  audit that you perform.


There are various grading scales and complexities involved in shopper scoring, and  scoring can be based on a number of criteria, including: accuracy (whether all shop instructions were followed), timeliness, detail, content, spelling and grammar. Each of these criteria may be weighed according to its impact on the audit.  The purpose of the grading is not to punish or penalize, but to give you an idea of where you stand compared to company standards and other shoppers. 


Many Shop scheduler use these score to help them choose the best shoppers available.  Many times a shop scheduler will receive bonuses on getting their shops completed accurately and before deadlines. 


If the grade you receive is a low score, do not let it discourage you, instead use the feedback to improve on future audits.


Since shopping firms must provide timely, accurate, high-quality audits to their clients. Audits that are late, missing information, or of poor quality can severely affect their efficiency and can negatively affect their relationship with their clients.


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Shopping scores are critical your success and an excellent shopper rating will put you on the fast track to the highest paying and best assignments.


Shopping companies save their best assignment as a way of rewarding their best shoppers.