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Chino Hills, CA

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Basic and Essentials

What kinds of shops do mystery shoppers do?

The most popular shopping assignments available today are:


Shoppers Visits Location

Apartment Complexes

Convenience Stores         

Clothing Stores

Fast Food Restaurants

Fine Dinning Restaurants

Furniture Stores

Hotels / Motels

Retail Outlets


Phone Reviews Include

Any business dealing with the public.

Cable Companies


Restaurant Delivery




Specialty Reviews

Auto Dealers

Automotive Repair

Dentist Doctor Offices


Motorcycle Dealers

RV Dealers




Mystery Shoppers visit a wide and diverse number of business to report on the quality of service they received.



Mystery Shoppers often go by different name:


Secret Shoppers


Service Evaluators


The scope of mystery shopping is vast. Mystery shoppers are asked to report on many different attributes