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Shopper Surety Bonds

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The National Association of Mystery Shoppers is the only organization authorized to sell Mystery Shopper Surety Bonds.

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Mystery Shopper Surety Bond

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The Mystery Shopper Surety Bond enhances a shopper’s ability to be selected for the best, highest paying, and most desirable job assignments available.

Every year shopping firms lose millions of dollars in shopping revenue because shoppers fail to complete their assignments on time or in many cases not at all, thus leaving the shopping firm “high and dry”.  This problem occurs so often that the industry has coined the term “Flaked”  to describe a shopper that does not compete their assignment and often times are never heard from again.

Buy having a shopper bond, you are guaranteeing the Shopping Company that you will complete your assignment as agreed upon,  or forfeit your shopper bond to them. 

What is a Mystery Shopper Surety Bond?

The Mystery Shopper Bond is a contract among: (i) the Shopping Firm, (ii) the Shopper, and (iii)  the National Association of Mystery Shoppers. Through this agreement, the National Association of Mystery Shoppers agrees to make the shopping firm whole (by payment of money) should the shopper fail in his/her performance or obligations to the shopping firm.

How does this help me get better assignments?

Shopping Firms are much more likely to chose shoppers, whom they will recover money or restitution from, should the shopper not fulfill his/her duties as agreed upon.  Shopping Firms appreciate shoppers that back-up their work with a Shopper Bond and would much rather offer assignments to them.

What happens if I fail to compete a shopping engagement , or if I do not follow the instruction given to me?

A Shopping firm could hold a shopper liable for damages suffered as a result of the shopper not fulfilling their contractual obligation, but this is rarely the case. Usually, the shopping firm will remove the shopper from their shopping pool, vowing never to use them again, and then seek out another shopper.

Who will pay the Shopping Firm should I goof up?

Should a claim be submitted for a Shoppers Surety Bond, and the National Association of Mystery Shoppers finds that the shopper did not fulfill their duties as agreed upon, and in doing so, caused damages to the shopping firm. The National Association of Mystery Shoppers will make payment, to the Shopping Firm,  for an amount not to exceed the amount of the Surety Bond.

What if I disagree with the Shopping firms claim for my Surety Bond?

The National Association of Mystery Shoppers will hear both sides of the story before making a decision on a claim. The National Association of Mystery Shoppers will give a shopper 10 days to respond, with their side of the story. If the shopper cannot be reached, or does not respond, then the case counselor will make the best decision base on the evidence received. 

How long does a Mystery Shopping Surety Bond Last?

The Mystery Shopper Surety Bond last for one full year, from the date of purchase.  A shopper that has not had any claims filed for his/her surety bond may renew their Surety Bond at 1/2 the original price.

Who else sales shopper bonds?

Current, only the National Association of Mystery Shoppers is authorized to sell the Mystery Shopper Surety Bonds.

Surety Bond had been around for 100’s of years.

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